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Happiness is a relaxed, walked dog.

Private walks for dogs, when walking one­-on-­one is the best or possibly the only option. Your dog and I will get to know each other very well, and we become great walking buddies! I have a relaxed approach to dog walking, but it's clear that I have the leadership role. 

I specialize in two types of dogs:

1) Lovable, gentle, social dogs who walk well on leash and like the extra attention that private half hour walks provide.

2) Fiesty fidos – Awesomely smart dogs, who prefer human company over dog company, might need their space, who do better with one­-on-one private walks and excell with devoted attention that private half hour walks provide.

Well, that depends on your dog!

Some dogs, like Mulroney, are energized, running from tree to bush to tree and back again... so we go running! Edgar likes to play soccer... so we play! Kramer moves along slowly, sniffing here, there and everywhere... so we go at his pace.

What can you expect for your dog's daily walk?

If you have ever had the thought that you wish that you had a dog walker who could understand your smart, lovable, awesome dog as much as you do, it could very well be that I am the dog walker that you are looking for.

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