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A sweet young Tonkanese cat named Milo.

It all begins with a hello, woof & meow.

I'm interested in your services, what's the next step?

A complementary meet & greet is set up in the comfort of your home. We go over questions and concerns that you may have concerning your family pet, and how Paisley Dog & Cat Services can be of service.


Who walks my dog and vists my cat?

Liz Maradyn, proud owner of Paisley Dog & Cat Services, walks your dog and visits your cat.


What qualifications do you have?

I have been in business for more than 10 years ... and that's a lot of experience!

I am bonded and insured through Profur professional pet insurance and am certified in pet first aid through Walks &Wag's. I have volunteer experience with the SPCA as a dog walker and cat cuddler, three years worth; weekend workshhops in T-Touch; 'Good Manners' dogs classes through Carolark, The Canine Learning Centre I & II, and 'Taking your dog to the off-leash dog park' through Forever Friends Dog Training.


Are you certified to train my dog?

No, but I'll help to work on good manners with your dog. 


For dog walking services, do you walk  more that one dog at a time?

Unless yours is a multi dog family, all dog walks are private, one dog at a time. 


What dog walking equipment must I supply?

A flat coller with an ID tag, a city licience tag, and a rabies tag.

Seasonal apparel: coat and booties in winter if your dog wears them.

Towel in wet, muddy weather, and slushy wet snow.

I provide leashes, dog bags and liver treats!

Note - equipment not used: prong collers or slip collars


My dog pulls when walked. How do you cope with a dog that pulls?

Every dog situation varies, so it really depends on you dog, and what approach will be taken. All walks use positive reinforcement only. It could very well be that you would like feed back on your dog's walk! Contact me for a consultation, where we will go over your dog walking experience, how it is now, and how you would like it to be.


I'd like my cat visited every second day. Do you provide that kind service?

At Paisley Dog & Cat Services, all cat visits are scheduled a minimum of once a day. Cat sitting visits help with a continuation of routine: fresh water, food litter scooping, as well as comfort, cuddles and playtime, all important to the well being of your cat.

Are there any extra charges?

HST is added to all rates.

Dog walking services: for a second dog in the same family, 50% of the first dog rate will be added.

Cat sitting services: for the fourth cat in the same family, $10 will be added.

During the Christmas Season, a surcharge will be added for December 24, 25 & 26; New Year's Eve: December 31, January 01 & 02. For all other statutory holidays, holiday surcharges will not be charged.

Cancellation fee will apply for cancellations of less than 24 hours notice.


Do you provide references?

Of course!








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